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Race car driver watching the World Cup was stopped

Nov 25th 2011, 3:08 am
Posted by dkghtchd
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6月16日9 am, economy wide platform within the town highway Shangqiu Shangqiu high-speed traffic police squadron of seven police stopped cars to Jinan brigade heading the car . Stay up all night because the driver of Sohn on the two red traffic police admitted ,Abercrombie, either to see the traffic at the junction command, he might fall asleep driving a car .

According to reports ,moncler sito ufficiale, during the World Cup ,Abercrombie France, Shangqiu City traffic police officers and found that many high-speed driver fatigue after watching late at night driving , then additional drivers lounge ,Moncler, nap for a while longer follow the driver to avoid fatigue caused by traffic accidents . Currently ,Moncler Pas Cher, high-speed traffic police in Shangqiu Huo ,Moncler, Ji Yu-wan world wide highway ,Abercrombie et Fitch, Yu Lu sector and commercial inter-provincial toll station Chiusi temporary lounge set up the driver , the driver for fatigue free rest.

According to Sohn, say ,Moncler Doudoune, 15 friends from the night in Kaifeng and watch the football World Cup live ,Doudoune Moncler Magasin, happy even saw two . 16 long ago to rush back to Jinan , opened more than 100 kilometers ,Piumini Moncler, it is very sleepy . Police stopped the car so Sohn toll plaza at the provincial boundary , took him to the toll station in the bedrooms and asked him to sleep and then drive home.

World Cup is in full swing , however, individual fans , but to hurry the driver to drive despite the risk of fatigue . This morning , the driver saw two World Cup Sohn drive to Jinan on the way , after being stopped by traffic police Shangqiu high-speed , forced into the lounge.

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