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Pirates of the dog were shot and killed two dozen

Nov 24th 2011, 9:38 am
Posted by dkghtchd

Soon after, the car on a highway in the South Village appeared in front of the suspect found the police set up card inventory. In order to avoid combat, the suspect drove quickly enter a path next to madness fled, the police car in hot pursuit. Because of the terrain unfamiliar,Abercrombie, the suspect vehicle along the road into the South Village of a hillside, because of a blind alley access, had abandoned the vehicle and fled into the nearby mountains.

then, hundreds of police to start rounding up the hill together. Finally,Abercrombie et Fitch, desperate suspects Xu, Yu Mou was arrested.

Currently, the vast majority of dogs on the market are Sizai,Moncler, and the dog may be sent directly to urban and rural hawkers size hotel, very difficult to effectively monitor the relevant departments, need social supervision.

suspects with , they in the Village,doudoune moncler, Wang Xian, etc., while people do not prepare, using its home-made tools that will shoot darts with street drugs villagers domesticated dogs, having been found to alarm people, it caused was brought to light.

It is understood that early morning July 28,Abercrombie and Fitch, Le County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation unit received a public warning said two people were driving a black within the four cars stolen in the Lok dog. According to the location of the police car appeared, immediately arranged along the Village police station,Piumini Moncler, police station,Moncler Doudoune, etc. police Wangxian quickly after the suspect vehicle may be the junction, located along the dogged card.

with hundreds of police rounded up

most worrying is Sizai dog security

found the suspect abandoned the vehicle and ran away

to undergo a search, the police abandoned their cars in,Doudoune Moncler Pas Cher, find a homemade slingshot darts fired plant, and abandoned the vehicle in the vicinity of a ravine, found abandoned more than ten dead the big dog.

[Playback] masses was stolen dog

bold dog who drove stolen car,Moncler Outlet, with the darts within six hours in five dogs stolen more than just crazy,Doudoune Moncler Magasin, confused fun Annan Village, Wang Xian and other towns utter confusion. Lean over a hundred police and attack containment and arrested two suspects. 1,moncler sito ufficiale, Xu, Yu Mou criminal detention. Darts for suspects in connection with drug dogs, which caused public concern.

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bombs do was arrested after the public security organs , the other five suspects took the opportunity to escape .

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