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Flying stone hit on the passersby trucks grind the

Nov 24th 2011, 6:44 am
Posted by dkghtchd

best to find the falling rock trucks

Jun Liu Hongbo Chongqing, one hundred law firm

I have something to say

car accident fault liability

Xinying company Chiang general, since the incident, authorities did not inform him, and no one went to see their units, the traffic police also no organized mediation. The matter is still the owner told him (because the car is affiliated private car).

total Jiang said the driver was unaware of the incident, incident at the station, did not witness car chase, the driver aware of this in about 1 hour. The driver was loaded to return the stone quarry, the quarry workers notified to the police station. According to his understanding of the situation, before the car accident stone is dropped,Moncler, there are bowl size, at least several kilograms of weight.

best to find the falling rock trucks

Luo would say, five full-brother Luo a business when the guard in Aikawa. At 15:00 on July 18, 53-year-old Luo station, ready to ride the whole Salt to go to work. At this point, the sun and poison and spicy, Luo full squatting in the shade waiting for the bus, there are about 5 meters away from the road.

traffic police identified the driver not at fault

little stone man crushed to death? Luo will that knowledge, Traffic Accident did not specifically described. Jiang Xin Ying's general, he heard a causal relationship between the offense, the driver in this accident Chen not illegal. Two did not cause the fault accidents,Abercrombie pas cher, so the second person assumes responsibility for this accident. Finally found that the accident is a traffic accident.

total Jiang said, talk about responsibility, then, should be the first highways, because they are not cleaned up the highway; followed the vehicle in front, because the first car was also pulling the stone, not behind the car door,Moncler Pas Cher, causing the accident rock fall. If the investigation is to identify the car,moncler sito ufficiale, then is their responsibility. Because their car is fully insured, the insurance company should pay high insurance payment range. Now there is no unit, no one came to them,Moncler, if the traffic police organization and coordination,Moncler Doudoune, the two sides negotiate a compensation package, they intend to apply for payment to insurance companies start the program.

Luo would say, five younger brother 10 years of divorce, children are related to his life, his son out to work, her 16-year-old high school in Salt Reading High School. They want to get compensation, dependency and reading to solve problems niece. But they do not understand the law, and no money to a lawyer, do not know how to seek explanation, to whom to seek explanation.

Chiang always said if you really like it, is falling in front of the car stone, it is too late to clean up road administration, the responsibility of the truck in front of that bike. However, if the stone already on the road, then have the responsibility of Highways.

on Friday, Luo and the car side would say they went to the traffic police team mediation, the contractor is not the traffic police,Moncler, the car side, said they will not lose money, the sum of the insurance companies pay.

conductor down the truck's license plate number. People rushed the station reported, and wholly taken Aikawa Lo Center Hospital. 19 at 1 pm, doctors announced that all Luo death.

7 30, Hechuan traffic police made a traffic of responsibility. The found that rolling stone is a medium-sized flying dump truck, the vehicle registration vehicle registration is a subsidiary of Chongqing Xin Ying all transport companies. Salt of the goods reaching the town of station road,Moncler Outlet, the wheels grind on the road a stone fly, stone fly injured pedestrians road outside the home full-Lo, causing head injuries Luo died.

Highway 110 Salt Hechuan line station is a roadside stand. Is the slope of the road, the road driving around small cracks, uneven in some places. The road there are many small stones the size of a finger thick.

flying stone hit passers-by temple

goods vehicles on the way to fly a rolling stone sized thick, unbiased hit passers-by, passers-by died. The movie shot in real Hechuan staged version. Later than 20 days, no one stand up and be held accountable.

current priority should be to find the bike in front of truck,Doudoune Moncler Femme, let compensation. Family of the deceased should also find a way political claims. If no one would take responsibility for this event, the driver should be the appropriate liability. However, vehicles are anchored in the Xinying company, then the company should be Xinying to compensation.

any potential health Chongqing Yu Tong law firm < / p>

If the stone is just before the car down, the first car to bear the responsibility. If the stone has been on the road for some time, but also the responsibility of Highways. And in either case, the vehicle rolling stones have a responsibility to fly. Because the driver negligence,Abercrombie France, should be able to suppress the stone to determine the possible consequences, but the gullible to avoid adverse consequences directly rolled over, did not take avoidance measures. Therefore,Piumini Moncler, the car is at fault, fault should bear the responsibility.

way governance should not be responsible for the vehicle in front

road next to a tree surrounded by two.

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