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Banking manager falls dead family members question

Nov 24th 2011, 1:21 am
Posted by dkghtchd

finished off,Moncler Outlet, we're just off falls dead

introduced, according to the families of the deceased,Abercrombie et Fitch, the deceased named section Bin Qi, Chenzhou, Hunan, 1983 students, who studied at Xiangtan University, Finance, 2008,Moncler Doudoune, Ping An Bank entry, death Shenzhen Ping An Bank Job is a branch business manager, responsible for sales finance,Doudoune Moncler Pas Cher, fund products and personal deposit and lending business.

police investigation found that the jump at the segment,Moncler, its

5 13, section Bin Qi false rework finished off the day, its 24-floor roof of the residence leap the falls dead,Moncler Pas Cher, 11 pm that night his body was on the 5th floor cement board found.

day leadership talk 10 minutes to find it

families, said the incident the same day at 10 am, the working group responsible for their president to find the yellow section,Moncler, According to his family's description of the electronic video information, said Qi Bin section of the Office of the President spent about 10 minutes,

for these 10 minutes, Ping An Bank's argument is that the dead sleep Huang governor asked the deceased said the bad governors answered a yellow then went back to sleep thing. Family members said that the deceased committed suicide on the phone and face to face before their mother and sister said the conversation, that if the depression do not get better,

Ping An Bank, a responsible person, the suicide car with the purchase of consumer behavior such as aggressive about

families that segment where the company's recent performance appraisal system to adjust, many are not humane provisions for the section of a lot of pressure. Family members, for example, face to face in President under the supervision of,Moncler, and played 40 customer calls,

this,moncler sito ufficiale, the Ping An Bank official said earlier this year, Qi Bin, a fancy section of the housing, the delivery of 10 million with a credit card deposit, and 7,Doudoune Moncler Magasin,000 yuan per month in the face repayment pressure,Abercrombie France, abandoned section of buyers, 10 million total loss, therefore, finds that segment depression and its car and other aggressive buyers of consumer behavior.

deceased depression

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