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When Social & Business Ideas Take shape...The Vision

Sep 8th 2011, 11:34 am
Posted by clubwww1
Making a difference...Thinking ahead.

According to Bill Drayton, founder of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, social entrepreneurs combines a realistic and objective-oriented business leadership approach with social reform to address public issues. Through his non-profit organization, Drayton seeks people having the desire to contribute something positive to society and provides them with all the support and logistics required to bring about the needed change.

Social enterprise advocates the use of entrepreneurship to bring about beneficial changes to society. It includes in its spectrum not only the makings of a profit-oriented business, but also social and political inclinations via the formation of enterprises like NGOs, social welfare societies and political entities. The aim of social enterprise is to achieve huge success by way of greatly influencing the socio-political scenario of a country or region.

The entrepreneur in this regard identifies the scope of the opportunity or problem, maneuvers his available resources effectively, and sources what he requires from other entities through different entrepreneurial resources. An attitude of thrift and a proactive way of functioning are what such individuals should ideally take to while seeking to do better for the good of the community they operate in/for.

As opposed to a business entrepreneur whose main objective is to reap financial rewards for his/her venture, a social entrepreneur is someone who stands for the disadvantaged and deprived and strives to make changes in the social system in order to bring about benefits and welfare for all. Social entrepreneurs is about creating innovative ideas and following systematic approaches to fulfill the needs of the underprivileged populace who, due to their poverty or other issues, cannot obtain even the basic means to meet their daily needs.

Bunker Roy is a prominent example of a social entrepreneur. He brought the light of education to those who were in the dark of illiteracy in India. He founded the Barefoot College, and set up various branches in rural communities in India to provide free education to those who did not have access to it. Barefoot College has produced reputed and capable engineers, teachers and health workers who are now changing the face of villages across India.

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